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August 18, 2006


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Hi. I’m having troubles working out how to get involved with Sydney Wireless. I’ve also noticed I’m not the only one in the same boat, judging by the comments to some of the most recent posts on here. Hate to say it, but the organisation seems decidedly lacking and confusing from an outsiders’ perspective. References have been made to forums –which forums? Once upon a time, I gather, people could look up user details in NodeDB — can we any more? If not, how does one work out how to contact other interested individuals…? Emails (only provided through google’s cache, for all I can see) either bounce or don’t get responded to. Messages to Melb wireless turn up little, but indicate that the prime founders may have moved on…

Could someone please provide some rough information for new, interested individuals, and how they might connect up and contribute to the network?

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  1. impression Says:

    Agree with above person. Are there any forums which explains how to set up our own Node or what equipment to buy ect: so we can link up a wireless netowrk with our friend down the street ?

  2. notto Says:

    id like some information as well. sorry for reviving this.

    What gear is needed?
    What are the prices?
    Can the network be accessed in Penrith/Kingswood area.

    Some Tutorials on how to set it all up would be nice as well.


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